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Bicycle travel in Europe

Terms and Conditions for individual package holidays

1.   Booking Your Holiday:

Bookings can be made via the Internet, by phone, in writing or in person. Once made, all bookings are binding. Seats booked on a request are regarded as firm bookings and are equally binding.
1.1 Travel Documents
Once a booking is made, travel documents together with an invoice stating deposit and balance of payment details will be sent to you. For bookings made within 30 days of departure, full payment is due to Ørslev Cykelrejser immediately. Upon receipt of your travel documents, kindly check that all details of your booking are correct and match the information given.

2.   Payment

2.1. Deposit
The deposit is 40 % of the total holiday price plus the cost of any cancellation in-surance purchased. The deposit must be paid 14 days after the booking is made at the latest. Once the deposit is received, the booking is confirmed and thus binding. Payment also confirms that the client has read the travel description and accepts the terms and conditions applicable to the holiday.
2.2. Balance of Payment
The balance of payment must be received no later than 50 days prior to departure.
No verification on received payment will be sent out. 

3.   Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance can be purchased for any booking through Europæiske Travel Insurance. The price of cancellation insurance is 6% of the total holiday price, with a minimum of DKK 50 per policy. Cancellation insurance can only be purchased at the time of booking the holiday and cannot be cancelled as it is effective from the day of payment.

4.   Responsibility

No compensation will be given for passenger ”no-shows” or if passengers are refused travel due to missing travel documents, invalid passports, or lack of vaccinations. 
It is the responsibility of the passengers in connection with flights and cruises to make sure that the name on the travel document is in accordance with the name in the passport, otherwise you can be rejected at check-in at airports and port of shore.
Passengers are required to follow the laws and regulations of the destination they are travelling to. 
It is the responsibility of non-Danish citizens to become familiar with the requirements of the relevant country for their own citizenship. 
Please note that some countries require passports to be valid for 6 months after travel is completed.

5.   Baggage Responsibility

Throughout the journey, storage and transportation of luggage, bicycles and personal property is the responsibility of the owner. This also applies even when such baggage, bicycles and other articles are stored or transported by Ørslev Cykelrejser.
Ørslev Cykelrejser bears no responsibility for damaged or stolen luggage, bicycles or belongings. Compensation cannot be made for any lost, stolen or damaged articles while in the custody of Ørslev Cykelrejser. Any such storage or transportation remains the responsibility of the owner.

It is the responsibility of the travel participants themselves to ensure that luggage and belongings are loaded onto and unloaded from the coach.
It is important that each traveller ensures that he/she has a comprehensive travel insurance which adequately covers any property, baggage, bicycle and so on taken on holiday.

6.   Regarding Bicycles

Participants should be aware that not all “house contents” insurance policies cover damaged, lost or stolen bicycles. We, therefore, strongly suggest that, in your own interest, you check that your specific type of bicycle/wheel type and size are covered and if they are not, extend or take out adequate relevant coverage.

7.   Health Insurance

All travel participants must be in possession of the blue health insurance card which covers travel outside of Denmark. Should this not be the case, special conditions concerning travel insurance may apply.

8.   Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance by the yellow health insurance card are no longer applicable after 01 August 2014. Changes in legislation mean that after 01 August 2014, medical expenses incurred for doctor assistance, prescription medicine, hospitalstays, treatment, operations and repatriation within the EU/European Economic Union will no longer be covered by the public health sector.
We therefore recommend that you take out as minimum coverage a travel insurance that covers the above plus repatriation in the event of illness or injury. 
Travel insurance can either be taken out for the duration of your holiday with premiums calculated per day according to destination country and your age, or can betaken out for a whole year to cover multipletrips. 
IMPORTANT! Insurance terms and coverage must be checked and clarified prior to departure for all study groups, corporate and individual travellers.

9.   Travel Insurance

Travel participants are responsible for taking out the correct coverage necessary, e.g. liability insurance, accident insurance, baggage contents insurance and so on.
Ørslev Cykelrejser can in no way be held accountable for any personal injuries, lost, stolen or damaged baggage or property.

10.   What is Included

Ørslev Cykelrejser can accept no responsibility for differing classification standards/rooms.
Furthermore, not all facilities are necessarily included in the price of the holiday in each hotel. Please check the programme for exact details. Participants only have the right to use facilities specified in their travel documents.Any extra expenses should be settled directly with reception prior to homeward departure.

11.  Lost Property

Ørslev Cykelrejser may be contacted regarding lost property. This must be done within 14 days after returning home. A fee of DKK 250 will be charged for enquiries that require us to contact the hotel.

12.  Terms of Cancellation

For cancellations made:
60 days or more prior to departure (flights travels more than 90 days): 
- Refund of amount paid less deposit.
60 - 31 days prior to departure (flights travels more than 90-61 days): 
- Refund of 50% of full price.
30 days prior to departure and until departure (flights travels more than 60 days): - No refund is made.

13.  Cancellation or Changes

Ørslev Cykelrejser can with a 20 days’ notice cancel a planned travel. Ørslev Cykelrejser reserves the right to cancel a departure for the following reasons: Sudden disasters, pandemedic, riots, strikes, acts of war, or similar as well as lack of sufficient participants. Breakdown of coaches will be considered “force majeure”.
Measures as a result of, for example, Covid-19 where domestic / foreign authorities require the use of a bandage, temperature taking on departure / arrival and the like are not considered a change.
If a cancelation of a planned travel is required, you will be informed 20 days prior to departure at the latest with the offer of another travel or offer of a full refund of the amount paid. 
13.1 Pandemi 
In case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all unnecessary travel activities  to the destination or if  the country of destination require quarantine then the booking can be cancelled up to planned date of departure. Paid amount will be refunded.

14.   Liability

In the unlikely instance of price increases which may affect the price of a holiday, Ørslev Cykelrejser reserves the right to change the price of a holiday regardless of the date on which it was booked or the date of payment of the deposit/balance of payment, providing that the increase in price was caused by new or increased taxes, duties, fluctuation in exchange rates, or other unforeseeable factors outside the control of Ørslev Cykelrejser. Clients who are affected by such changes will be informed 20 days prior to departure at the latest.
The client has the right to cancel the holiday if the increase is more than 10% of the total holiday price and will receive a full refund of the amount paid. However, it is a requirement that Ørslev Cykelrejser is informed about the cancellation immediately after the client has been informed about the price increase.
Ørslev Cykelrejser, as travel organizer, cannot be held responsible for possible changes due to breach of contracts made between Ørslev Cykelrejser and their suppliers/hotels and holiday apartments.
All information and descriptions have been provided in good faith but Ørslev Cykelrejser cannot be held responsible for errors.
Prices are calculated based on currency exchange rates as per October 2020.

15.   Complaints

Any complaints during the holiday should immediately be directed to Ørslev Cykelrejser’s representative on site, the organiser or Ørslev Cykelrejser, so that the defect/error can be rectified right away and with the least inconvenience for the travel participant.
The travel participant must provide proof if a complaint is unable to be resolved satisfactorily on site and he/she later wants to bring an action for damages against Ørslev Cykelrejser. 
Should a complaint be unable to be resolved satisfactorily on site, any claims for compensation must subsequently be made in writing latest 14 days after returning home. If this is not the case the travel participant loses the right to make demands on Ørslev Cykelrejser.
Any disputes between Ørslev Cykelrejser and the travel participant regarding complaints concerning the holiday can be submitted to the “Travel Boardof Appeal”.
Any claims against the agency shall be governed by Danish Law. All legal actions shall be heard in the Maritime & Commercial Court of Copenhagen.

The agency cannot be held liable for possible printing errors in catalogues, on flyers, social media, in news letters and on as well as changes.

DK-Vordingborg, September 2023

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